Happy Flight Luggage Tag (pink)

  • KEEP TRACK OF YOUR LUGGAGE --- The combination of your suitcase and a certain color tag will let you quickly identify your baggage.
  • SUPER STRONG AND DURABLE --- The plastic tag and adjustable strap can resist the wear and tear of travel for years.
  • NO MORE MISTAKES --- Whether you check in at the airport, train station, hotel or cruise ship, the tags will match the seat/room/cabin registered in your name.
  • ALTERNATIVE USE --- These luggage tags can also be used to label other items, such as toolkits, car keys, dog collars, etc. You can also replace the address tag with your own prints, for example a picture of a person, your pet animal or a logo of your favorite brand, sports team or super hero.
  • TRAVEL SAFE AND SECURE --- With these tags it will be much easier to claim your luggage or have it sent to your home address.