Automatic Mini Sanitizer Spray (White)

 Automatic Mini Sanitizer Spray machine is used to sanitize cash, household items, mobiles, laptops, and many more in a very simple and quick way. This can be used to clean all home decor items or car accessories. It is mini, lightweight, and easy to carry or use. 

  • Color: White

  • Spray Tank Capacity: 30 ML

  • USB Rechargeable 

  • Refill with Super Rub / Alcohol-based Sanitizer only

The package includes:

1* Main Device

1* USB Cable

1. -Based substances cannot be added to the water tank, which affects the service life.
2. Please clean the instrument in time after use to prevent oil dirt and other dirt precipitation, and clean the product with a soft wet cloth.
4. Do not place the product in a hot or humid environment to avoid damage to the instrument.