December 04, 2019



                                          1. Kitchen Cutlery Holder 



 A logical solution to carry your own but you’ll likely to draw a few stares. For centuries, though, it would have been a faux pas to not travel with a set.

                                              2.  Wine Bottle Cover


Presenting the wine Bottle with a decorative cover makes the first impression the best. 

                                      3. Christmas Santa Bottle Cover


Our Santa Bottle covers are really cute and made of pure cotton and would do wonders if put up as a decorative item. 

                                    4. Christmas White Button Up sleeve


This is a knitted coat-style novelty gift for your friends and family, perfect for your Xmas dinner. 

                                             5. Vintage Bottle Cover


Vintage fashion has become very popular over the years because of nostalgia or because of its simplicity. This cover is perfect for those who like it simple. 

                                               6. Star Lights LED


The special feature of these lights is that they are power-saving and Eco-friendly. Using these lights with a USB plug-in makes it easy to use. 

                                                    7. Tapestry


These are a form of textile art and were draped on the walls of castles as insulation during winter. You can use one of your liked designs as a decorative piece on your wall.

                                 8.  High Time Reverse Clock 


Slimjim’s Reverse Clock takes you back in high time. It’s a 10-inch clock with a 6-month warranty. 

                                   9.  Money Gun (Supreme) 


Whether you are children or adults, these guns pull you different from the others. These sum up to 100 dollar bills and sends them flying. This Supreme gun draws attention while parties etc

                                  10. Wall Hanging Frame 


PartyPad has different frames with different depictions of cartoons and designs. An A4 size frame is perfect for your home decor and can make you look cool in front of your friends. 

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